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“As a competitive cyclist and Indiana Pro State Champion, Eric has been instrumental in keeping me healthy. I’ve suffered from degenerative disc issues for the last 4 years. I am now pain free. My mobility has increased enabling me do develop more power on the bike.”

Matt Tanner
Matt TannerOwner ROLLFAST CyclingROLLFAST

“I called Eric to knock the dust off of this old frame in preparation for the BIG3 Basketball Tourney.  He understands how to keep me motivated through the challenges, but ultimately he keep me injury free.”

Bonzi Wells
Bonzi WellsRetired NBA Player

“Eric is always prepared and well studied for each session.  He does an excellent job of explaining the routines and how they fit into the overall plan for my specific goal.  He has done such a good job with my fitness that I have brought my son to Eric to help him with his speed & agility as he advances through high school sports.   I highly recommend Eric for all of you and your kid’s fitness goals”

Rodney RobinsonOwner of JohnTom’sJohnTom’s

“Working with Eric always has me smiling, it’s great. I’ll be in there working for an hour without even checking the time. During each workout Eric always points out mistakes and finds ways to correct them. When you correct mistakes you’ll feel like a better athlete walking out.”

Morgan SchrockAspiring Professional Soccer Player